The University of Arizona

Manager and Primary Speaker

Adam Block

Adam's life-long goal to be an astronomer began at the early age of 4. He specifically selected the University of Arizona to continue his pursuits and graduated with a B.S. in Astronomy and Physics in 1996. He spent the next nine years developing and administering public outreach programs at the National Observatory (Kitt Peak). Since 2007 his dream to create foremost public outreach experiences in astronomy is being realized with a return to the University under Steward Observatory and the College of Science at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter.

Adam is most well-known for his abilities to speak and communicate difficult concepts in astronomy in simple and creative ways.  Over the past 15+ years he has hosted many thousands of evenings for the public and strives to maintain quality programs that are fresh and exciting with unflagging enthusiasm. Adam is also recognized around the world as a leading astrophotographer. The images he produces as part of public outreach programs are published in magazines, books, posters, and widely on the internet. His images have graced NASA's "Astronomy Picture of the Day" website more than 70 times and have been used as reference images by amateur and professional astronomers alike. In 2012 he was the recipient of the "Hubble Award" from the Advanced Imaging Conference- one of the highest awards for work in astrophotography that is recognized around the world.


Selected Highlights:

- Featured by the Discovery Channel on their show called the Daily Planet (January 2015).

- Monthly Columnist for Astronomy Magazine (Cosmic Imaging)

Winner of the best deep space photograph of 2013 by the Royal Observatory's "Astrophotographer of the Year" 

- Discoverer of Supernova 2013dc in NGC 6240

- Recipient of the Hubble Award (2012)

            Award for Excellence in Astronomical Imaging (Santa Barabara Imaging Group)

SkyCenter Astronomer Honored For Astrophotography

                                       Adam's 70+ Astronomy Pictures of the Day

      Arizona Highways Short (video)

   Images used as Tucson City Improvement (Speedway Blvd.)

   Detection of Gamma Ray Burst 080330 with Timothy Ferris "Seeing in the Dark" Internet Telescope

One of the minor planets I discovered and named "Williamon" and    A complete version of this story written by me.

Minor Planet "Adamblock" (I was honored in a similar fashion as the above)

Adam Block's Awesome Universe (Astronomy Magazine, June 2009)

      ShutterBug Article (2010)