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  • Latest Space Picture from the SkyCenter

    Fire and Ice

    Few things are more informative or compelling than contrast. The ability to see the predator about to eat you, the signage on the roadway or the darkening clouds on the horizon may very well be key to your survival. It is no wonder then that when we find contrasting forms and colors in nature we pause and admire them. The field of IC 444, a little-studied region, gives us the contrast we crave.

    Like fire and ice here we have something sculpted and something tenuous- with the warm and cool colors of better known objects such as the Trifid nebula. The blue veil sparkles due to scattered light from dust and clouds of hydrogen gas glow red from the radiation of newly formed stars. 

  • Images Available for Sale Online

    Now Available! Images taken by renown astrophotographer Adam Block.  Go to our Image Gallery select the image you want (just a few examples shown below), place your order online and we will ship it to you! Fast and easy, they make great gifts!


  • Astrophotography with Adam Block

    Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter’s SkyNights: Astrophotography program is a unique and awe-inspiring opportunity to peer beyond the blue horizons of our southwestern skies and explore the astronomical wonders of the Universe. We’ll not only be  looking through the telescope but also capture the views using a CCD camera.

    Renown astrophotographer, Adam Block, will take you through the process of how he creates these amazing images that have earned him worldwide recognition. During this six hour program you will navigate the night sky with binoculars and skycharts then gaze at spectacular planets, galaxies,  and nebulae with our 32-inch Schulman Telescope. This telescope is the largest dedicated public observing telescope in Arizona. You will partake in the process of creating images that you have just viewed that will subsequently be made available to you.


    Friday March 7th 2014

    Thursday March 20th  2014

    Thursday April 24th 2014


    $75/person ($35 for youths) 

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