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    The Lagoon Nebula (M8) was captured as part of the special "Astrophotography with Adam" evening show.

    For the northern hemisphere this nebula is second only to the Orion Nebula as it can be glimpsed with unaided eyes and easily discerned with binoculars (as we regularly do as part of our stargazing programs at the SkyCenter). Its astonishing brightness and intricate detail make this a challenging object to render. In fact the image presented above is only a small portion of the nebula. Click on the image to go to the gallery page a see a larger version and then click on the thumbnail beneath the main image to see the high resolution version! 

    As a viewer, the object is challenging because when seen at a resolution that fits on your screen- most of the detail is lost (and it looks like every other picture of this nebula...). A sense of depth only becomes evident when looking at the larger views. Multiple, overlapping layers of gas and dust both reveal and hide fascinating features of this stellar nursery. The Lagoon Nebula is around 4,100 light years away and this scene captures approximately 40 light years of the cloud.

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    Now Available! Images taken by renown astrophotographer Adam Block.  Go to our Image Gallery select the image you want (just a few examples shown below), place your order online and we will ship it to you! Fast and easy, they make great gifts!


  • Astrophotography with Adam Block

    Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter’s SkyNights: Astrophotography program is a unique and awe-inspiring opportunity to peer beyond the blue horizons of our southwestern skies and explore the astronomical wonders of the Universe. We’ll not only be  looking through the telescope but also capture the views using a CCD camera.

    Renown astrophotographer, Adam Block, will take you through the process of how he creates these amazing images that have earned him worldwide recognition. During this six hour program you will navigate the night sky with binoculars and skycharts then gaze at spectacular planets, galaxies,  and nebulae with our 32-inch Schulman Telescope. This telescope is the largest dedicated public observing telescope in Arizona. You will partake in the process of creating images that you have just viewed that will subsequently be made available to you.


    Friday May 22nd 2015


    $75/person ($35 for youths) 

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