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SkyCenter image of Supernova in M95 published at NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day
Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Adam Block

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day chose to publish the SkyCenter's image of M95 and its attendant supernova (SN 2012aw) in the outer spiral arms. This image is probably one of the first few high resolution color images of M95 that compares two epochs to show the supernova.Certainly more images from amatuers and professionals will come in the next few weeks.  Similar to the catastrophic stellar death that unfolded in NGC 3239 earlier this year (see our news article), the supernova in M95 is quite conspicuous having exploded in its galactic suburbs. The video shown to the right blinks between an old image and the latest picture to show the supernova. Be certain to play this from Video's site to see the movie in HD. This galaxy is around 38 million light years away.