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See Mercury at the SkyCenter!
Monday, March 14, 2011
Adam Block

As Mercury emerges from the glare of the Sun we will point our 32-inch Schulman telescope towards this enigmatic globe each afternoon during the months of March and April. Taking advantage of the telescope's high precision mount and excellent optics we will be able to find Mercury in the daytime sky (when it is highest) and resolve a small pinkish sphere that even few professional astronomers have seen well through a telescope.

It is no coincidence that its availability comes at the same time the MESSENGER spacecraft will swing into orbit about Mercury. More than three and a half decades have elapsed since the last time humanity has studied this world up-close with an orbiting spacecraft (Mariner 10 was the last in 1974 and 1975). MESSENGER has journeyed the inner solar system for more than 6 years and will finally meet Mercury on March 17th 2011.  Please read the UANews article that details many of the mysteries and areas of interest for the planetary scientists researching Mercury. 


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