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SkyCenter's image of NGC 1555 published at NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Website
Saturday, March 26, 2011
Adam Block

The Mount Lemmon SkyCenter's image of NGC 1555 was selected by NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day website for March 26th 2011.  This popular website is often used as home pages for browsers and generates computer "wallpaper" for enthusiasts around the world. Its mission to popularize astronomy parallels the programs at the SkyCenter. Indeed this image came about through participants in our "Making Every Pixel Count Image Processing Workshop."  Participants of this immersion experience who visit us from around the world learn how to create stunning deep sky images with Adam Block, a world-renown astrophotographer.


About the Image and Object:

The yellowish star to the right of center (see below)  is very young having only been around for less than one million Earth years. As is often the case,  young stars are found near their natal clouds of gas and dust. Here the yellow-brown clouds of dust are partially illuminated by the light from this star called T Tauri. T Tauri was the first star of its type found to erratically vary in its brightness. This class of stars is studied by astronomers in order to better understand star formation processes and how stars begin their lives. Click on the image below to visit the gallery page that maintains larger versions.