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To explore the Universe from the comfort of your own home is every astronomers dream. Not much more than 50 years ago this idea would have been called pure science fiction. However we live in a time when so many of yesteryear's science fiction has been transmuted to today's science fact. It is a testament to the ubiquity and interconnectedness of the internet that access to the universe can so easily be made available to individuals and schools!

Not only are the SkyCenter telescopes some of the largest available to the public for remote observing; but other critical benefits make this kind of access foremost in the astronomical community.

- Mount Lemmon is a professional observing site at 9,157ft above sea level. The SkyCenter telescopes take advantage of laminar air flow that creates very good seeing conditions which are frequently measured to be subarcsecond in long exposures.

- Although Tucson is nearby, the skies are relatively dark. Catalina Sky Survey is able detect moving objects that are 22nd - 23rd magnitude in exposures of less than 60 seconds (using their 60-inch telescope). The faint limit achieved in the SkyCenter images (see our gallery) demonstrates the quality of the sky through the course of the year.

- SkyCenter staff are experts in astronomical imaging and proficient operators of all SkyCenter instrumentation. Data that are generated from our facilities are delivered to users in a timely manner and the images permit both high quality scientific measurements as well as world-class astrophotography.

Two Ways to Observe

            - Scheduled observing with Sierra Stars Observatory Network (SSON)

            - Real-time imaging experience with Full Control of the Observatory

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