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Making Every Pixel Count Workshop

Workshops  May 26th - 29th 2016

Learn how to produce stunning images of deep sky objects from Adam Block, a renowned imager whose skill with a CCD camera continues to inspire enthusiasts around the world. His images have appeared in numerous books, magazines,

websites and television programs. In October 2012 he won the Advanced Image Conference coveted Hubble Award for his work in astrophotography over the past 20 years. In 2013 the Royal Greenwich Observatory honored him as "Astrophotographer of the Year" for best deep space imagery. In 2014 Adam began his work as a columnist for Astronomy Magazine. In 2015 the Discovery Channel featured his work on their Daily Planet show.  The workshop covers a full range of topics using high quality data sets to produce the best possible aesthetic results.  This workshop is geared towards astrophotographers who already have at a minimum attached a CCD camera to a telescope and acquired data. 

Your experience begins with a captivating journey to the top of Mt. Lemmon with its "sky island" environment. Once you arrive at the SkyCenter you will receive a tour of the site including a description of these historical and active observatories. You will then check in to your accommodations on the mountain and proceed to our newly refurbished Learning Center where most of the workshop activities take place. Should the weather permit, we will also use the remarkable 0.8m Schulman Telescope to acquire data and incorporate it into the workshop!

The Day Before the Workshop

Before making the journey up to Mt. Lemmon we will visit Steward Observatory's Mirror Lab—where LSST and the Giant Magellan Telescope's optics are currently being created! This is a rare opportunity to see where the largest telescopic mirrors in the world are being made. Refer to the agenda to time your arrival so that you can participate in this remarkable tour. (This is optional if you have done this before.)

The curriculum and agenda will be determined on-site as a group so that specific topics can be covered in detail. However the typical component software programs include CCDStack, PixInsight and Photoshop. 

Go to "TICKETS" and navigate to the month of May 2016 to purchase your seats today! (Just buy the tickets from the first night of the workshop, you do not need to buy tickets for each night).

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