The University of Arizona

What Visitors are Saying

Here's what some of our participants had to say about our SkyNights program:

Why should I go to this program?

  • "Awesome! Amazing! An Adventure! (AAAA!) I would recommend it to anyone with even a remote interest in Astronomy. I'm writing a letter to President Shelton and inviting him to bring his family-He should experience it firsthand."

  • "I want to express our appreciation for the SkyNights program on Mt. Lemmon. It is the richest public science program that I have experienced. The viewing, presentations, simulations, photos and demonstrations are wonderfully orchestrated to provide a huge amount of very accessible information that is continuously engaging. The practical logistics of movement around the site, food, flashlights, warmth, star maps and event timing have obviously benefited from a well-managed learning curve. Best of all, our grandchildren now think astronomy is very interesting.

  • We will certainly encourage others to take advantage of this outstanding
    University service.
    Thank you"

  • "One of the best experiences of my life. Will always remember and talk about it."

  • "I headed up Mt. Lemmon to escape the heat and to humor my sister who is an astronomy nut -she guides star- watching at the observatory in Edmonton, Canada. It looked like rain and we didn't even think we would see the stars, but you talked with us inside first. That's when my mind first started getting blown. Then, indeed, the sky did clear and the evening sky you presented to us finished me off. I kept sneaking back to the end of the line to get extra glimpses. I want to thank you, because I think my life has been changed because of your presentation. It's not that I didn't know the stars existed. I have been awestruck before by the nightscape. It was your passionate and beautiful delivery of information and sights that I had never imagined being able to see. Please put me on your list - I didn't sign the paper you handed out - so that I can receive whatever it is you send to people on that list. I live in Vancouver, BC - not the greatest place to sky-gaze. My brain will never be the same."

  • "Outstanding! Nearly speechless! Thank you."

  • "Amazing, unbelievable, fun, educational, inspiring A highlight of my life!! Amazing for our 8 year old and the parents!!"

  • "I am more awe struck by our universe than ever!"

Is it Worth the Money?

  • "Definitely was worth the price. I had only expected to look through the telescope, so learning how to use the binoculars was a bonus. Dinner was great and everything was enjoyable for adults and kids. Great experience!"

  • "A Fantastic Evening-a once in a lifetime experience for those of us over the pond! Would love to live closer for the rest of your programs! Many Thanks. Handout is a great added addition. Photos-brilliant!! Exceptional value for money too!"

  • "Very enjoyable experience and well worth every penny! Great Job and thanks!"

I’ve never studied astronomy, will I get lost in the explanations?

  • "I was really impressed by the illustrations that helped me understand the magnitude of our galaxy. You didn't talk down and that made an impression on me, too. I didn't feel "dumb"."

  • "Adam-You have a unique ability to explain complex issues with practical and easy to understand answers. Visual examples were excellent."

  • "Fantastic Presentation. Great learning star charts and you taught us how to locate constellations so well that even though I don't do astronomy, we could understand and learn. Thank you!"

  • "This was an awesome program. I had no expectations so my mind was open to anything. I was impressed by every aspect of this presentation. The presenter was very knowledgeable but able to present information on a very understandable level. Thank you so much for such a wonderful presentation."

Who is Adam Block?

  • "Adam Block at the Sky Center was magnificent in his enthusiasm, knowledge and articulation. As he spoke I kept thinking we had among us another Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson - he is definitely in that same league. I plan to drop an email to Robert Shelton, UA President, in regards to your outstanding program, and mention your name and Adam Block's name."

  • "During the program last night, Adam Block modestly said, when I complimented him on the clarity and effectiveness of the analogies and metaphors in his presentation that he had no idea, of course, how much people retained or understood. I thought of him this morning when I read this anonymous quotation: "People will probably forget what you said, may forget what you did, but will never forget how you made them feel." Adam made us feel wonder, awe, beauty, gratitude, and joy. We will not forget"

  • "Adam is one of the most accomplished presenters/teachers ever. His abundant and extremely clear metaphors, analogs, illustrations are masterful. His passion is contagious, his knowledge encyclopedic and friendly-a tough act to pull off. My career was training presenters."

  • "Great explanations, great patience-Adam knew all of the answers off top of his head. He was friendly, knowledgeable. Thank you so much!"

  • "It is refreshing to see and hear someone who is so enthused about his career field. Great Job!!!"