Support the SkyCenter

Why support the SkyCenter?

The Mount Lemmon SkyCenter strives to further lifelong learning and inspire both youth and adults to consider their place in the world in which they live.  The SkyCenter depends on reveune from programs as well as the generosity of donors.  

The SkyCenter provides superior opportunites for students, educators, researchers and staff to interact with nature and history by day and explore the world above by night.  It is envisioned that further enhancements to site connectivity, programmed open space, classroom and research facilities will transform the site, allowing for world-class experiences to take place at the SkyCenter.

Private or Corporate Sponsorships

Individuals or companies may contribute to specific scholarships, programs and events as well as provide annual support.  Please let us know if you would like additional information about any of our programs.

Online Donation

You may also donate to the Mt Lemmon SkyCenter through the UA Foundation website.  Under the Donation Information section select “Other” and add Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter. Your donation will be processed by the UA Foundation and you will receive a letter acknowledging you donation.

Life-time and Founding Members

  • William and Barbara Bickel
  • Richard Caris
  • Nick Hanauer
  • Sid and Gloria  Leach
  • Joseph and Dixie Schulman
  • Jon Shallop and Anne Beiter
  • Bruce and Dolores T.