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SkyNights is a world-class after-dark program that provides unique access to the heavens from the top of Mount Lemmon.  Learn about the constellations, observe interesting atmospheric phenomena, and view the wonders of the cosmos from a high-quality astronomical site using the amazing 32-inch Schulman and/or the 24-inch Phillips Telescopes. This is a rare opportunity to view the universe in a way that most of humanity will never experience. SkyNight presentations are offered Wednesday - Sunday evenings as long as the weather allows!! 

Under the guidance of our professional educational staff, visitors will enjoy a brief astronomy lecture, a light dinner, and an exclusive opportunity to observe astronomical objects and phenomena.  This five-hour program starts 2 hours prior to sunset and accommodates up to 12 people.  Minimum age of 7 is required for our attendees. All attendees must adhere to the COVID safety policy outlined below.

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  • As this is a limited re-opening, we are limiting ticket sales to 20 individuals per program and all guests must adhere to the COVID safety policy below

  • Pricing: $85 Adults, $60 Youth (7-17 yrs)  Rates subject to change. Holiday rates may apply.

  • * Tickets are now on sale through May 26th, 2022! Limited seating and mandatory masking are required, so consider booking soon. 

COVID safety policies for participation: The UA Mt Lemmon SkyCenter operates on the Coronado National Forest and within Federally owned buildings under a special permit from the USDA's United States Forest Service. In response to the increasing rates of COVID-19 transmission, and consistent with CDC Public Health Recommendations, the USDA has determined that all individuals, in areas of "substantial" or "high" community COVID-19 transmission are required to wear a mask indoors in Federal buildings, regardless of vaccination status.

Pima County, home to the UA Mt Lemmon SkyCenter, is currently an area of “substantial” COVID-19 transmission, and as a result, all staff and guests must wear a mask at all times while indoors (including telescope domes) during our SkyNights program. 

We thank you for doing your part to support the health and well-being of our staff and visitors.

All guests must maintain 6 ft of separation from other guests not within the same party. 

Cancellation Policy: 

Small Groups (3 or less): 48 hours advance notice prior to your originally scheduled program date.  If less than 48 hours notice is provided, tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled. Large Groups (4 or more): 7 business days advance notice prior to your originally scheduled program date. If less than 7 business days notice is provided, tickets are non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled. Please contact us by email or phone to initiate a refund or to reschedule. Should the SkyCenter cancel the program for any reason, you will be given a full refund.

Weather Contingency:

Cloudy nights happen. Some nights we are unable to proceed due to high winds, or the chance of storms.  Guest safety on the mountain is paramount.  If we determine there is a reasonable (50-50) chance to move ahead with a program, you will be contacted earlier in the day to discuss your evening's program. For nights we believe may be partially cloudy, you will be given a choice to go ahead and attend the program in the hope that it clears enough to view our beautiful universe, to reschedule, or to receive a refund on your ticket. We strive to offer chance-for-clear experiences especially for our many visitors from out of town, who do not have an opportunity to reschedule. Chance-for-clear presentations delight visitors with our unique mountain setting and captivating demonstrations. Typical activities include viewing the often spectacular sunset, touring professional observatories, and astronomical demonstrations.  If we need to cancel for weather or safety, you will receive a full refund.

Late arrivals and early departures cannot be accommodated.  

No alcohol, vaping, or tobacco products are allowed on-site. 

Individuals needing disability-related accommodations should call the office at 520-626-8122. Please leave a message if you reach our voicemail. Note that no animals are allowed at the SkyCenter, other than trained service dogs.

For the fastest customer service, consider emailing us at

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The Mt Lemmon SkyCenter is proud to present our Virtual Star Parties!

Virtual Star Parties are available by request. Please email us at for availability and more information!

This 90-minute tour will be provided via ZOOM with up to 6 log-ins for your group. We live stream images to your screen which is similar to what you would see in the eyepiece. In addition, we will share with your group the high-resolution, long exposure color images of objects that have been created through the Schulman telescope. What makes this experience exceptional, beyond the views of star clusters, nebula, and galaxies invisible to the unaided eye is that you will have a private Zoom link through which you will have direct interaction with our observatory staff.

 Please call 520-626-8122 or email us at for further questions or details.

Remote Astrophotography with the Schulman Telescope is available!

Please read the information below and then click here to view the calendar of available times, and make your reservation!

Astrophotographers around the world can now enjoy taking full remote control of the .8-meter (32-inch) Schulman Telescope at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter to image astronomical targets of their choosing by taking direct control of the telescope through a web-based interface.  Remote use of the telescope is not the same as live "viewing" and is targeted towards individuals interested in acquiring high-resolution astronomical data that have experience using photo editing software with raw (FITS format) astronomical images.  Real-time imaging gives you feedback as to what is occurring at the observatory atop Mount Lemmon's 9,170 peak. You can see the raw images as they are acquired, watch the telescope and dome move, monitor the weather conditions, monitor guide stars, focus, and much more. It is like being there but sitting comfortably in your own home.

After placing your reservation using the link below, you will receive an email from the SkyCenter confirming your time and with a pdf file of instructions on using the Schulman telescope web interface. We recommend reading the instructional documentation in advance and planning your entire imaging run so that once you are logged onto the system, you can maximize your time acquiring astrophotographic data. 

Currently, we are offering a discounted base rate of $400 for a half night.  You can choose either 8:30 PM-Midnight, or 12:30 AM - 4 AM (all times MST).  We provide discounts for moon phase as follows: 26 - 50% illumination at 25% off; 51 - 75% illumination at 50% off; 76 - 100% illumination at 70% off.  These discounts are reflected in the ticket prices for each half night.  Prior to reserving time for remote use of the Schulman telescope, please review our webpage on the system, including our policy on weather cancellations and refunds.

 For SkyNights StarGazing program, Virtual Star Parties, or Remote Astrophotography inquiries, please email .