SkyNights Public Observing Program

SkyNights is a popular after-dark program that provides unique access to the heavens from the top of Mount Lemmon.  Learn about the constellations, observe interesting atmospheric phenomena, and view the wonders of the cosmos from a high-quality astronomical site using the amazing 32-inch Schulman and/or the 24-inch Phillips Telescopes…Arizona’s largest dedicated public viewing telescopes!  This is a rare opportunity to view the universe that most of humanity will never experience.  SkyNights is offered Wednesday-Sunday evening throughout the year, as long as the weather allows!

*Please note: During October through April, and especially during November, December, January and February, the weather will be very cold on top of our mountain during your experience. Please be prepared with layers, heavy coats, boots, and other items to keep you warm during your visit. 

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Remote Astrophotography with the Schulman Telescope-

Update: Thank you for your interest! To purchase time on the Schulman telescope, please send an email to and we will respond to your message within 24 hours

Remote use of the telescope is not the same as live "viewing" and is targeted towards individuals interested in acquiring high-resolution astronomical data that have experience using photo editing software with raw (FITS format) astronomical images.

Astrophotographers around the world can now enjoy taking full remote control of the .8-meter Schulman Telescope at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter to image astronomical targets of their choosing by taking direct control of the telescope through a web-based interface. Real-time imaging gives you feedback as to what is occurring at the observatory atop Mount Lemmon's 9,170 peak. You can see the raw images as they are acquired, watch the telescope and dome move, monitor the weather conditions, monitor guide stars, focus and much more. It is like being there but sitting comfortably in your own home.

After placing your reservation, you will receive an email from the SkyCenter confirming your time and with a pdf file of instructions on using the Schulman telescope web interface. We recommend reading the instructional documentation in advance and planning your entire imaging run so that once you are logged onto the system, you can maximize your time acquiring astrophotographic data.

Prior to reserving time for remote use of the Schulman telescope,

please review our webpage on the system, including our policy on weather cancellations and refunds.

To reserve remote viewing time, please send us an email at 

For SkyNights StarGazing program inquiries, please email