Astronomer Nights

Astronomer Nights is a Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter program in which visitors observe as professional astronomers for 1 or 2 evenings. As a visitor for this extended observing program, YOU become the astronomer investigating the cosmos and deciding how the night unfolds. This unique astronomical experience includes:

Picture of telescope

  • Observing using the 0.8m Schulman Telescope with an astronomer/guide
  • Acquiring high quality data
  • Lodging on site in astronomer dormitories

If the visiting astronomer(s) prefer, the telescope can be used to do visual observing as well.

This activity is limited to 4 people. Groups larger than four can be accommodated with an appropriate adjustment in the program fee. There are no prerequisites of background knowledge or experience.

Observational astronomy at the SkyCenter uses our telescopes, sensitive CCD cameras, and other resources on the summit of Mt. Lemmon to peer deep into space. The purpose of your visit can be to see how these observations are made or to pursue a more detailed analysis of the data and its importance to astronomy. Indeed, your work might offer a direct and significant contribution to the field: asteroids, supernovae, and other transient events are all potential surprises of the program!

The rate for Astronomer Nights is $1500 per night for up to four people, including lodging, dinner, snacks, and access to our Schulman telescope for an entire night. Reservations are fully refundable up to one month prior to the date of participation. Cancellation with less than one month is subject to a 50% fee.

Submit your inquiry or reservation request by contacting us through the information provided at this link: Contact Us. We will contact you with answers to your questions or to finalize your reservation to join us for a very special night at the telescope.