Maps and Directions

Getting to Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

Find Catalina Highway on the northeast side of Tucson. Follow the road up 27 miles towards the town of Summerhaven. Just after the signs in the picture below (but before the town) turn right on to Ski Run Rd. Two miles up this road you will see Ski Valley to your left and the Iron Door Restaurant to your right.  There will be  a gate on the road directly ahead. 

If this gate (the LOWER Forest Service Gate) is OPEN,  please drive through it and continue up the road for 2 more miles.  You will then arrive at the UPPER Forest Service Gate where we will meet you at the appointed time.   

If the LOWER Forest Service Gate is CLOSED and you can proceed no further, please park on the NORTH side of the road in the parking lot. Do NOT park on the side where you see the ski lift.  We will meet you in the IRON DOOR RESTAURANT parking lot at the appointed time. Remember, reservations are required to participate in any Mount Lemmon SkyCenter programs.

Allow 90 minutes  - 2hours driving time to get from Tucson proper to the top of Mt. Lemmon. The Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter is at an altitude of 9,157ft. Remember to bring warm clothing regardless of the time of year.

For those using Google Maps, the address 9800 East Ski Run Rd will get you as far as the Iron Door Restaurant's parking lot.  Our facility is 2 miles up the road from this parking lot - please continue to drive until you arrive at our gate.