Shoot for the Stars

July 10, 2019

A Milky Way Photography Workshop



Do you want to learn to capture images of our Milky Way galaxy and gaze through the largest telescopes in Arizona dedicated to public observing while you’re at it?

Join us for a Milky Way Photography 101 course at the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter.  No previous experience is necessary, other than a basic understanding of the settings on your camera menus.  We will share introductory techniques for wide-field astrophotography with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, as well as give you a taste of imaging faint and distant celestial objects with your camera through a telescope. Learn camera settings, composition tips, shooting basics, basic post-processing flow, and night sky photography best practices.  Participants in this special program will also join our popular SkyNights public observing program for a portion of the evening, including dinner, sunset, and opportunities to look through our world-class telescopes.

Gear needed: DSLR or mirrorless camera with live view and a sturdy tripod.

Optional but helpful gear: Intervalometer and a fast, wide angle lens (f/2.8 or less and 50 mm or wider)

Date and time:

September 21, 2019

2:30 PM-Midnight MST

Cost: $125/person, includes our SkyNights program

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