Giving to the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter

March 31, 2020


We are posting today, to ask that you consider taking a moment and making a gift online, through the UA Foundation.

The establishment of Steward Observatory in 1918 was made possible by the generosity of Mrs. Lavinia Steward and her gift to the University of Arizona, in memory of her late husband, Henry B. Steward.  As we move into our second century of astronomical research and education, we continue to rely on the generous support of individuals and foundations as we work to improve our understanding of the universe and to share what we learn in effective and inspiring ways.

The Mount Lemmon SkyCenter and the Sky School are the largest and among the best of the outreach efforts of Steward Observatory.  We enable lifelong learning and inspire both youth and adults to consider their place in the world in which they live.  The SkyCenter and Sky School provide superior opportunities for students, educators, researchers, and staff to interact with nature and history by day and explore the world above by night.  

Our programs depend on the generosity of donors to sustain themselves, as revenues from ticket sales and participant fees do not fully cover the annual operating costs for our highly regarded programs.  As the world strives to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to cancel all our outreach and public education programs for the rest of the academic term. Now, more than ever, your support is critical to our ability to continue work and be ready to resume operations when conditions allow.

Be sure to explore our website for more information on our world-class public observing programs, and the Sky School website for more information on our one-of-a-kind residential science programs for local school-aged youth. 

Gifts to support our programs are 100% tax-deductible and are administered by the University of Arizona Foundation. You can make a gift online, through the UA Foundation.  To learn more about our programs, or to discuss specific ways in which your gift can support our programs please contact our director, Dr. Alan Strauss (520.626.6488,