Experience the wonders of the universe without leaving Tucson! The Mount Lemmon SkyCenter proudly presents RemoteSky, an immersive 90-minute astronomical journey perfect for curious minds aged 7 and up.

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Program Highlights:

Virtual Observatory Tour: Embark on a digital expedition to our exclusive SkyCenter Observatory atop Mount Lemmon. Discover the history and inner workings of our world-class facility without the mountain drive.

Seasonal Celestial Showcase: Each visit offers a unique astronomical experience. From the sprawling summer Milky Way to winter's dazzling Orion, our expert guides will unveil the night sky's ever-changing tapestry.

Cutting-Edge Astrophotography: Marvel at stunning images captured by our powerful telescopes. Learn the science behind these breathtaking photos and understand why they often reveal more than the naked eye can see.

Live Sky Viewing: Weather permitting, participate in the remote operation of our telescopes for real-time views of celestial objects.

Interactive Learning: Engage in lively Q&A sessions with our astronomers. Satisfy your cosmic curiosity and gain insights into the latest astronomical discoveries.

Intimate Experience: With a maximum of 20 participants per session, RemoteSky ensures personal attention and an interactive atmosphere.

Accessibility: Our venue is ADA-compliant and features projector presentations for easy viewing by all attendees.

Bonus Stargazing: When possible, cap off your evening with a look through our on-site 20" telescope for an additional taste of hands-on astronomy.

Whether you're an amateur astronomer, a family looking for an educational adventure, or simply curious about the cosmos, RemoteSky offers a perfect blend of convenience and wonder. It's ideal for those who can't make it to our mountain-top SkyNights program or prefer to avoid weather-related cancellations.

No prior astronomical knowledge is required—just bring your enthusiasm and prepare to be amazed!

Book your RemoteSky adventure today and let the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter bring the universe to you, right here in Tucson!

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